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Funding Support


This funding is an investment fund which targets to co-invest with other private and public investors.

Investment Eligibility

The University’s technological innovations or the University community of startup companies refer to companies with operations and/or registrations with no more than seven (7) years of operation history and fulfil either one of the following criteria:

  • the academic staff, researchers, students, and/or alumni of the University constitute 15% of the voting securities in or of the aggregate economic interest in such entities; or
  • such entities are using the IP generated from the University’s innovation.

Investment Criteria

Investment decisions are made based on a combination of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • innovativeness of the technology;
  • assessment of business model, including business viability, revenue model, go-to-market strategy, compliance, and financial position;
  • the capability of the founding team;
  • viability of exit;
  • potential return on the investment; and
  • environmental, social and governance factors and/or impact on the community.

For further enquiry, please email CUHK Innovation Limited at [email protected].

Important Notes

Please note that while CUHK Innovation Limited will provide guidance and support throughout the application process, securing funding is not guaranteed. We encourage thorough preparation and alignment with funding criteria to enhance your chances of success.