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Vision and Mission

CUHK Innovation Limited was established by The Chinese University of Hong Kong to invest in innovative businesses related to CUHK’s technological innovations or its community of startup companies.


CUHK's staff, students, and alumni have founded several startups that could become unicorns, highlighting their entrepreneurial talents and capabilities. The Company posits supporting and nurturing successful businesses and commercialising research outcomes for the benefit of society.


The Company's goals are:

1) To fund startup companies and accelerate their growth.

2) To connect CUHK with the startup community and develop a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

3) To enhance CUHK's mission of promoting an entrepreneurial culture.

Investment Eligibility

University startups are companies with less than 7 years of operation that meet one of the following criteria:

1) CUHK community members own 15% of the company.

2) The company uses CUHK-generated intellectual property.

Investment Criteria

Successful investments require careful consideration of multiple factors that differentiate a startup from its competition. By analyzing these distinguishing characteristics, investors can make informed decisions that maximize their chances of success.


Sharing Session
Sharing Session
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